It is an honour to be the Member of Parliament for Glasgow North West, and I hope this website will keep you up to date with my work in the constituency and at Westminster.

My team and I are here to work for everyone in Glasgow North West and to be your voice at Westminster. If you are a constituent and there is anything I can help you with, please get in touch.

To halt the brain drain of global talent, we need an immigration system that works for Scotland

Three years ago Scotland voted to remain in the UK. On the face of it a straightforward result that seemed decisive to onlookers. However, scratch the surface and a more complex landscape emerges. The Scottish Parliament elections in 2011 returned an SNP majority - a result considered impossible under the ...
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Carol Monaghan MP: UK Government should follow Scotland’s lead and reduce student debt

The SNP's Education Spokesperson at Westminster has called on the UK Government to follow the Scottish Government's lead by increasing student support and reducing student debt. Speaking during an Urgent Question on higher education funding in the House of Commons, Carol Monaghan MP pointed to the abolition of tuition fees ...
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Carol Monaghan MP: UK Government delays and indecision has contributed to BAE job losses

The SNP's Westminster Armed Forces and Veterans Spokesperson has said the UK Government's 'dithering, delays and indecision' has contributed to the 2,000 job losses announced by BAE Systems across the UK . During an Urgent Question in the House of Commons, Carol Monaghan MP said that the government's stop-start defence ...
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Carol Monaghan MP supports #IAMWHOLE campaign on World Mental Health Day

MP for Glasgow North West, Carol Monaghan, is supporting YMCA's #IAMWHOLE campaign, encouraging young people to challenge harmful language and negative stigma surrounding mental health and encourage others to speak out and seek help. Carol Monaghan MP said: "Every year in Scotland, 1 in 4 of us will experience a ...
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An independent Scotland would protect its protectors

The Armed Forces Covenant is a useful metric when considering the obligations that the government should have to those who serve. However, since the covenant entered political discourse around the turn of the millennium, it is clear that it often remains a statement of intent rather than a statement of ...
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SNP Armed Forces and Veterans Spokesperson visits The Coming Home Centre

The SNP's Armed Forces and Veterans Spokesperson has visited the Coming Home Centre, which she says is 'at the front line of veterans assistance in Glasgow and across Scotland'. The Centre, based within the Pearce Institute in Govan, first opened in 2010 and supports those leaving the services as they ...
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