Carol Monaghan MP speaks out in support of striking English teachers

Glasgow North West MP Carol Monaghan, SNP spokesperson for Public Services and Education and former physics teacher, has spoken out in support of teachers protesting in today’s (5th July) National Union of Teachers’ strike.

The National Union of Teachers have staged a one-day strike over funding, pay and conditions and workloads, with regional marches and rallies in support of the strike. Monaghan met with striking teachers today at Westminster and addressed their rally.

On Monday 4th Monaghan, had highlighted the planned strikes in parliament, saying:

 “Tomorrows [5th July] planned strike by NUT members has come about as a result of the ongoing erosion of teachers pay and conditions, with entitlements such as sick leave and maternity rights under threat.”

 During an Urgent Question in the chamber, Monaghan reiterated her support for the teachers’ strike, commenting:

“This strike by teachers is significant. This is a group of people who have followed a vocational and caring profession. They are not driven by money but they do seek to be recognised and valued for the job they do. The ongoing erosion of teachers’ pay and conditions and the increasing work load makes this vocation hard to live out, when frankly they could earn more money and have better terms and conditions in the local supermarket. It is easy to say, at the dispatch box, that teachers are valued but actions have to match the rhetoric.” 

Monaghan also commented on the concerns regarding terms and conditions:

“My concerns with the UK Government’s attitude towards teachers are growing day by day. Individual academies are able to set their own pay scales and design their own terms and conditions. This means that academies can pay staff at a rate below the nationally agreed pay scales for the teaching profession. Terms and conditions such as sick and maternity pay are not guaranteed beyond the legal minimum requirement.

“In Scotland, teachers’ pay and conditions are protected by the SNP Government. The Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education, John Swinney, is in talks with teaching unions to tackle teacher workloads. The Scottish Government are ensuring that teachers’ voices will be heard.”

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