Carol Monaghan MP challenges David Cameron to join the SNP

Glasgow North West MP Carol Monaghan has asked Prime Minister David Cameron MP to consider joining the SNP, saying he has “done more for Scottish Independence than many of our best activists.”

Addressing the Prime Minister during his final Prime Minister’s Questions, Monaghan said:

“Between broken vows, Brexit and the likely renewal of weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde, the Prime Minister has done more for Scottish Independence than many of us on these benches could ever hope to do.

“As he contemplates a possible move to Aberdeenshire, could the Prime Minister now make his commitment to Scottish Independence official by visiting”

Cameron announced on Monday (11th July) that he intended to officially resign this afternoon (13thJuly), following Theresa May’s election as Leader of the Conservative Party.

Commenting following Prime Minister’s Questions, Monaghan said:

“After 6 years of austerity, David Cameron leaves the UK far more broken than when he found it. His legacy will ultimately be more working poverty, less social mobility, and an internationally isolated Britain.

“I congratulate Theresa May on her appointment, however it is despicable that one of her first priorities will be to spend hundreds of billions pounds on the renewal of the morally reprehensible Trident nuclear system rather than on public services and lifting the most disadvantaged out of poverty.

“One of her first duties as Prime Minister should be to meet with the First Minister to discuss Scotland’s place in the EU. It is imperative that we maintain Scotland’s EU status in line with the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland, and indeed guarantee that EU citizens living across the UK can stay here.

“However, she has thus far failed to set out how, or whether, she’d give effect to what people in Scotland voted for – to protect Scotland from the economic and social harm that will come with leaving the EU.”

Watch Carol question the Prime Minister here: