Carol Monaghan MP expresses ‘utter dismay’ at DUP deal

Carol Monaghan, MP for Glasgow North West, has today (14th June) written to Theresa May to express her ‘utter dismay’ that the UK Government is seeking to reach an agreement with the DUP.

The letter comes as a deal between the UK Government and the DUP is set to be announced after days of talks between the two parties.

Despite repeatedly insisting she would not do so, the Prime Minister called a snap election to secure a mandate for her extreme Brexit plans – only to lose her majority in the early poll. The UK Government may now be reliant on DUP support in key Commons votes on the Queen’s Speech, the Budget and Brexit.

Commenting, Monaghan said:

“As Theresa May’s government continues to spiral into absolute chaos, it is only right that we demand full scrutiny and transparency over any arrangement the Conservatives seek to strike with the DUP.

“This deal could have serious implications for the continued success of the Good Friday Agreement, and the DUP’s views on LGBT rights, women’s rights and climate change are nothing short of appalling.

“My SNP colleagues and I will always seek to work with other parties in support of progressive policies across the UK.”


The full text of the letter is below:

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