Carol Monaghan MP visits defence technology firm QinetiQ

Carol Monaghan, MP for Glasgow North West, has visited defence technology firm QinetiQ in Portsmouth as part of her Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) Fellowship exploring science, technology and innovation.

Carol’s visit allowed her to gain an overview of QinetiQ’s maritime services as well as their approach to supporting the development of more science and engineering skills in the UK.

During the visit, Carol went to both the Portsdown Technology Park and Haslar Gosport facilities, including a tour of the Command Centre of a Type- 23 Shore Integration Facility. The facility is recognised by the National Audit Office as increasing the availability of Royal Navy frigates and helping to de-risk programmes

Carol was then taken to QinetiQ’s ship tank and ocean basin facility, which is the largest hydrodynamic testing tank in Europe. This is where Carol learnt about how QinetiQ engineers test new ships for the Royal Navy and evaluate the performance of ship and submarine scale experimental models.

The trip provided Carol with an insight into how QinetiQ are promoting opportunities for young people to get skills training in the workplace as part of the 5% Club. The visit also gave Carol the opportunity to meet with graduate trainees and apprentices and see first-hand how QinetiQ promotes the take up of STEM in schools.

Commenting on the visit, Carol Monaghan MP said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to QinetiQ in Portsmouth today and I am extremely grateful to all the staff that made my visit possible and so enjoyable. It was fantastic to meet with employees and apprentices and see first-hand how QinetiQ encourage STEM in schools and beyond.”

William Tew, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy at QinetiQ, said:

“It was great to host Carol in Portsmouth and give her an overview of our maritime services. She is obviously extremely passionate about the use of science, technology and innovation in business and it was great to be able to show her some insight into the development of science and engineering skills, in particular the work QinetiQ does promoting opportunities for young people.”

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