UK Government responds to Drumchapel Post Office petition

Glasgow North West MP Carol Monaghan has warned that the closure of the Drumchapel Post Office will deprive the community of vital services, as the UK Government responds to her petition against the proposal.

Monaghan’s petition to save the Hecla Avenue Post Office, which was presented on 25 April 2017, urged the UK Government to halt the closure in order to protect the jobs and services that the Post Office provides to the local area.

While acknowledging the value of Post Office services to local communities, the UK Government said that they no longer play a role in the day-to-day operational responsibilities of the company, following its full privatisation in 2015.

Commenting on the UK Government’s response, Monaghan said:

“This response tells us nothing new. It simply confirms that there is no commitment from this UK Government to protect vital services in local communities.

“To franchise out Post Office facilities in Drumchapel removes a vital amenity from the area. Smaller Post Office counters do not offer the same range of services as a main Post Office.

“This is a callous decision that will disproportionally impact the elderly and those with mobility issues.”

The text of the petition and the UK Government’s response can be read here:

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