Carol Monaghan challenges PM on ‘true recklessness’ of leaving European nuclear regulator

Carol Monaghan MP has challenged the Prime Minister on the impact withdrawal from the European nuclear regulator will have on vital medicinal research.

Questioning the Prime Minister following her update on the Brexit negotiations, Monaghan asked where hospitals would source radioactive material they need to diagnose and treat cancer after the UK leaves Euratom.

The Prime Minister responded that “it will just be done in a different way in future”.

Monaghan has spoken previously about how the lack of a regulatory framework for nuclear safeguarding, trade and funding would be ‘chaotic’ for the UK’s medicinal and scientific research.

Commenting, Carol Monaghan MP said:

“I’ve challenged the Prime Minister on the potentially devastating impact that leaving the European Union will have on vital cancer diagnosis and treatment as we withdraw from the European nuclear regulator, Euratom.

“The Prime Minister’s non-answer demonstrates the true recklessness of the Tories’ Brexit obsession. To say ‘it will just be done in a different way in future’, at this stage, is simply not good enough.

“The UK Government must end this uncertainty and commit to retaining our Euratom membership.”

Watch Carol challenge the Prime Minister below:

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