The PACE trial and its impact on people living with ME – A thank you from Carol Monaghan MP

Thank you to everyone who contacted me regarding my Westminster Hall debate on the PACE trial and its impact on people living with ME.

The experiences you have described have been highly informative and, in many cases, disturbing. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of correspondence I have received, I have not been able to respond to everyone individually. Rest assured, the messages I received helped inform my comments on Tuesday.

Remember, if you live in Scotland and would be willing to talk about your experience of the PACE trial with a journalist who is looking to cover the story, please get in touch with me at or send a message via my Facebook page. This could be kept anonymous if you wish, and would be extremely helpful in order to continue the momentum of the campaign.

As I have said, I hope this debate is only the starting point and that the PACE trial will be subject to wider debate in the House of Commons. I will continue to do all I can to ensure that your voices are now heard.

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