Beith Street Development

Carol Monaghan, MP for Glasgow North West, has reminded local residents to make representations to Glasgow City Council about the proposed development of 48 residential flats on Beith Street in the Partick/Thornwood area before the January 4th deadline.

Ms Monaghan has raised objections to this proposal as many aspects of the proposed development contravene the ambitions of the city, namely protecting biodiversity, improving air quality, encouraging active travel, and improving residents’ health and wellbeing. The proposed development re-routes the current National Cycleway, NCR7, from a cycle path that is visible and open to a more secluded route behind the proposed flats.

Ms Monaghan has written to Glasgow City Council objecting to the development and has highlighted the adverse effects of the development on local residents.  

Commenting, Ms Monaghan said:

“It is clear in the conversations I have had with local residents, that the community is strongly opposed to the loss of valuable green space within such a highly built-up area. 

“I am concerned that should this development proceed, it will see the loss of vital green space, including the removal of mature trees. This proposed loss of valuable green space is totally at odds with the pressing need to tackle the climate emergency. It removes an important natural environment that currently supports mental and physical wellbeing.

“I am extremely concerned about the impact this development would have on the local community. There appears to have been an alarming lack of local consultation throughout this planning period, with constituents informing me that, despite being on the planning notifications list, they either received no notification or received it very late in the day. It is totally unacceptable that objections to the development must be submitted during the festive period. I hope that the council will extend the consultation period and the deadline for submitting objections.

“I have written to Glasgow City Council registering my objection to this development and I urge local residents to make their opinion known to Glasgow City Council before the January 4th deadline.”

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