How to get in touch 

Should constituents require assistance with current cases or if they wish to raise a new issue with me, please get in touch by email at in the first instance. If that isn’t possible, please phone 0207 219 6396 and leave a voicemail message with the following: 

  • your name 
  • your postcode 
  • your contact number
  • a brief message on the issue 

We will then get back in touch with you. 

You can also write to me at:

Carol Monaghan MP
House of Commons

PLEASE NOTE: While I am happy to assist with any issues as much as possible, other elected representatives may be better placed to assist due to their area of expertise and responsibility: 

Matters devolved to the Scottish Parliament (e.g. housing, health & social serviceseducation) 

Should you wish to raise an issue related to a matter where responsibility lies with the Scottish Parliament (e.g. housing, health & social services, education), your Member of the Scottish Parliament will be best placed to assist. You can find their contact details on the Scottish Parliament’s website. 

For details on respective responsibilities of MSPs and MPs, visit:

Council issues

For issues related to Glasgow City Council (e.g. bins, litter, potholes, street lighting), one of your local Glasgow City Councillors will be best place to assist. You can find their contact details on the Glasgow City Council website. 

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