I have written for Politics Home today about how we can properly support our Armed Forces personnel as we embark on a new Parliamentary session.

The UK Government could make a bold move to provide proper protection for our service personnel and give a statutory footing to an Armed Forces representative body. In the 2017 General Election, only the SNP considered this important enough to include in our manifesto.

An active morning with Patrick Grady, MP for Glasgow North and the karate kids at Kugatsu Karate-Do at the 44th Glasgow Scout Hall. I'm sure I won this round, but I'll let you be the judge of that...

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I have written to the Immigration Minister seeking answers after one of my constituents was detained by Home Office officials and police officers at 7am.

The policy of dawn raids has long been condemned by human rights organisations and is strongly objected to by the Scottish Government.

I am absolutely appalled that this practice is still ongoing and that people would have cause to be fearful of such raids when no offence has been committed. I have urged that he intervene to finally bring an end to this inhumane policy.

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Yesterday, I asked the Secretary of State for International Development what discussions she has had with the Defence Secretary to ensure that the Government's operations in Syria will help to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, and what measures her Department are taking to ensure that civilians in Raqqa are able to leave the city safely.

With the Defence Secretary's recent comments that he would "fully support any US action” in the country, bypassing parliament and democratic process, it appears that the UK Government are intent on expanding their futile and ineffective military bombardment of Syria.

My SNP colleagues and I will continue to call for a lasting political and diplomatic solution to the conflict, as well as planning for post-conflict reconstruction.

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