Scotland’s problem has always been emigration, not immigration. Fighting brain-drain is an ongoing challenge. As we now face the reality of being dragged out of the EU, the Single Market and Customs Union, our ability to attract talent will depend more and more on having an immigration system that works for Scotland and is run by Scotland.

You can read my article, originally published in The House magazine, in full here: http://www.carol.monaghan.scot/2017/10/16/brexit-academic-community/

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. One in eight women will face it in their lifetime, and every year around 11,500 women and 80 men lose their lives to the disease.

That is why I’m urging everyone in Glasgow North West to join me and Breast Cancer Now and wear it pink next Friday 20th October. It’s a fun and easy way to support the charity's vital research, and help stop breast cancer taking the lives of those we love.

To take part, please visit wearitpink.org/2017 for more details, fundraising ideas and how to register for your free fundraising pack.

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I'm delighted that the UK Government are following the Scottish Government’s lead on raising the student loan repayment threshold for students in England, but with average student debt on graduation now more than £50,000, this announcement needs to be part of a wider reform of student support and funding.

In Scotland, we have abolished tuition fees, reinstated the Education Maintenance Allowance and we have more students from deprived backgrounds accessing higher education than ever before. Our students have the lowest student debt and the best level of support in the UK.

The UK Government can and should to do more to increase student support and reduce student debt.

Following the deeply worrying announcement of 2,000 job losses at BAE Systems across the UK, I've asked the Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy what the UK Government is doing to investigate what has gone wrong and to assist the affected workforce.

With MOD orders plagued by dithering, delays and indecision, the UK Government's stop-start defence procurement has contributed to the loss of these highly skilled jobs, undermining our own defence industry and the defence of the UK as a whole.

I was told to be a "bit more cheerful" – this is not cheerful news for all of those affected by this worrying and avoidable decision.